POS2Payroll - Point of Sale

Now you can easily take time data from your point of sale system and import it into PaymentEvolution payroll. POS2Payroll makes it easy to work with time data from systems like Aloha, Micros 3700, POSiTouch, Squirrel, QSR, Focus POS, PAR and Harbor Touch.

Better Together

  • Employees enter their working hours in your point of sale terminal.
  • Employee time data is transferred directly to your PaymentEvolution payroll profile for approval.
  • Your staff gets paid accurately and on time.

Connect POS2Payroll with PaymentEvolution Payroll

POS2Payroll collects the payroll data from your POS system and prepares it for import to your payroll provider without the need for manual data entry.

  • No More Manual Payroll Data Entry.
  • Cloud Based Technology
  • Avoid Payroll Errors
  • Complete Searchable Records

No risk 15-day trial. No credit cards required. Free plans available

"I've saved a lot of time - there's no more manual re-entry! My point of sale terminal and my payroll are beautifully integrated."