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Find out why we are the trusted payroll provider for over 20,000 businesses in Canada.

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Since 2008, we've helped small businesses invest in themselves.

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Modern payroll for your business.

PayEvo Payroll is Canada's most loved payroll service. It's built for businesses like yours - accurately pay your staff, manage employee records and provide full access to pay history.

Easily manage employees.

With award-winning service and bank-grade security, we protect your interests like our own.

Flexible payment options.

With plenty of options for payments, you can feel confident that your employees will receive payments on time. With ePay, you can directly deposit your employee payroll into their bank accounts.

Employee facing portal.

Employees can view their payslips, download their T4s and use TimeTracker all from Chequer, our app for employees.

Better together.

PayEvo payroll works seamlessly together with software like Kashoo, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Sage, Netsuite, Oracle and Xero.

Personal support.

Our team of payroll experts is ready to help. Email, forum, live chat and phone support are available 9 am - 5 pm ET.

Conquer compliance.

Pay any business in Canada

Don't worry about cheques or wire transfers - securely send payments to any Canadian bank account. Need to pay an invoice? You can send funds for less than the cost of a stamp.

Your one-stop shop for employee records.

Track overtime, vacation pay, severance and holiday pay. Then, create T4s, T4As and ROEs when you need them.

Smooth start, graceful exit.

Adding new employees is as simple as a few clicks, and now you can offboard while ensuring compliance with Canada's first Offboarding Assistant. The only tool that calculates your termination pay obligations based on your province or territory's laws. Currently available to Evolv clients, coming soon to payroll. Read more about it here.

Exact payroll, every time.

Designed with you in mind, we take the stress out of payroll, ensuring every detail is spot-on, every single time. Join over 20,000 Canadian businesses in trusting us to deliver peace of mind alongside perfect payroll services.

Discover how we make payroll painless.

How long does it take to run payroll? Under 5 minutes.
Is PaymentEvolution cloud-based? Yes - no downloads necessary.
How long will it take for my employees to receive their pay? 3-5 days.
Do you support all employment types? Yes.
Can I pay my employees through direct deposit? Yes.
Which payroll taxes do you automatically calculate? EI, CPP, QPP, and income tax.
Are these taxes paid automatically? Yes.
Which documents can I automatically generate? TD1, T4, T4A, ROE and RL-1.
Can I automatically submit my tax documents to the CRA? Yes.
Do I ever have to do math? No - we do the math, you stay compliant.
Time tracking
Do you offer employee time tracking? Yes, with TimeTracker.
Does TimeTracker integrate with payroll? Yes.
Employee self-service
Do you have an employee self-service portal? Yes, through PayChequer.
Can my employees access their pay info and tax documents? Yes.
Can my employees update their own information? Yes.

Trusted by over
20,000 companies like yours.

The right payroll plan for you.

$ 3 .50 /emp/pay
  • $0 minimum / month
  • Up to 3 Employees
  • $3.50 B2B payments
  • 5 Day lead time
  • Automatic CRA remittances
Business Basic
$ 2 .50 /emp/pay
  • $25 minimum / month
  • Up to 25 Employees
  • $2.50 B2B payments
  • 4 Day lead time
  • Automatic CRA remittances
Business Plus
$ 2 .00 /emp/pay
  • $75 minimum / month
  • Up to 300 Employees
  • $2.00 B2B payments
  • 3 Day lead time
  • Automatic CRA remittances