Synerion Time and Attendance Tracking integration with PaymentEvolution

Synerion - time and attendance

PaymentEvolution Payroll is integrated with Synerion Agile Workforce for time and attendance tracking. By connecting PaymentEvolution Payroll and Synerion Agile Workforce you'll be able to integrate your timekeeping to effectively pay your staff for the hours they work.

Better Together

  • Employee hours recorded in Synerion Agile Workforce are imported in PaymentEvolution for easy payroll management.
  • Enhance your time and attendance solution to with integrated employee payments.
  • Keep track of your CPP, EI and other obligations.

Connect Synerion with PaymentEvolution Payroll

  • Agile Workforce is modern, cloud-based time and attendance for employers with 10 to 500 employees.
  • It's all online, so you can log your work when and where you want to.
  • Agile Workforce makes data collection easy - use badge/PIN readers, biometrics, touch-screens etc
  • Trusted by thousands of companies, Synerion is the leader in time and attendance solutions.

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"Payroll for my Agile Workforce implementation makes perfect sense "