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Electronic Payments

Replace Cheques, Reduce Cost and Simplify Making Payments

It's simple:

Connect your accounting system

Connect your bank

Pay your suppliers electronically

Access From Anywhere

Pay Anyone in Canada

Make business payments to any Canadian bank account. All banks and financial institutions are supported.

No need to worry about cheques, or expensive wire transfers. You can pay any invoice directly and have funds sent to the recipient's bank account. Funds are sent from your account to theirs in just 4 business days. All for less than the cost of a stamp.


Automatically Pay Open Invoices

Open invoices from your accounting system are automatically syncronized and can be scheduled for payment. No need to re-enter the payee details, invoice information or send remittance statements. Outstanding invoices from your connected accounting system are automatically shown and can be approved for payment. Funds are sent from your bank account to the recipient's account and they will also receive a notification of payment with details of the invoice(s) you are paying.

Access From Anywhere

Save Hours Each Week

Once an invoice is paid, it is automatically marked as paid in your accounting system. The recipient receives payment notification and if they are connected through their accounting system - their invoice is marked as paid as well. No more manual reconciliation, clearing cheques or wondering if a payment was sent.


No Compromise Security and Privacy

Your data is secured in our state-of-the art data centers and replicated in several disaster recovery sites. We exceed industry practices for data security and are paranoid about keeping your data safe. All information travelling between your browser and PaymentEvolution is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. We recommend using the latest version of your favourite browser (we support Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera). Look for the secure padlock icon in your browser window to ensure your communications with us are encrypted. PaymentEvolution servers are in secure data centers with state-of-the-art biometric access controls, constant video surveillance, redundant power feeds, generators, fire suppression and climate control measures. In addition to our redundant physical data centers, we back up your data to multiple sites. We maintain continuous replication to ensure your latest payroll data is always backed up and available to you.

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