Commercial insurance is finally easy to get - with competitive quotes immediately available

PaymentEvolution, Canada’s most loved payroll, payments and benefits provider and Bullfrog Insurance announce a new service for obtaining commercial insurance coverage. Businesses across Canada can now get coverage in just 90 seconds using their PaymentEvolution account.

"Commercial or business insurance has now become a necessity for businesses of all sizes," says Sam Vassa, CEO of PaymentEvolution. "Whether it is coverage for your office location, liability for your business or mitigating financial risk, your business needs to ensure it is covered."

Businesses using PaymentEvolution for their payroll, business payment and benefit needs can now get instant access to liability insurance quotes. These organizations no longer need to complete long paper-based forms as the new service provides online coverage in under 90 seconds. With over 18,000 small businesses on the platform, one simple payroll service has helped change the way Canadians think of payroll.

"We want to ensure businesses, their employees and their finances are protected," says Vassa. "We're pleased to offer Bullfrog Insurance to our growing community of entrepreneurs and small business owners."

Bullfrog Insurance CEO, Sam Natur said, "We are equally enthusiastic about this partnership. As our brokerage is focused on small businesses, we get that people don’t have time for hassles. We’ve made the task of getting insurance fast and simple by being Canada’s first digital brokerage for commercial insurance. That’s why partnering with PaymentEvolution makes so much sense."

With Bullfrog Insurance organizations can get an insurance quote from up to four insurers and buy online in seconds from their PaymentEvolution account. Policy documents and liability certificates are delivered instantly. Expert advice is also available from 8 am to 8 pm ET weekdays via chat, phone or email.

Thousands of businesses have already benefited from the speed and convenience offered by Bullfrog Insurance and PaymentEvolution. Learn more at

About PaymentEvolution
PaymentEvolution is Canada’s largest and most loved cloud payroll, payments and benefits management platform for small and mid-sized businesses. See why over 18,000 businesses trust PaymentEvolution at

About Bullfrog Insurance
Bullfrog is a licensed insurance brokerage that is dedicated to commercial insurance for small business enterprises.Our insurance partners include Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, The Guarantee Company of North America (GCNA), Northbridge Insurance and South Western Group. Learn more at