Since then PaymentEvolution has championed and built amazing tools for small business owners across Canada. As the first cloud payroll built for dynamic and growing businesses, we have helped thousands of employers get robust, enterprise-class services to pay their staff. We built the first employee financial hub (PayChequer) that enabled staff to get their full pay history anywhere and on any device. We modernized how businesses paid their employees electronically. We have helped businesses retire the cheque and move to faster, more secure electronic payments for vendors and suppliers. Working with the insurance industry we helped usher in health and dental benefits for individual employees who never had access before. We’ve spurred the development of ethical pay advances for less than the cost of an ATM charge. Working with community credit unions we’ve pioneered Banking + Payroll – helping businesses shorten processing times and better manage their cash flow.

Today, we help over 20,000 businesses provide amazing employee experiences through tools that that pay, attract and retain the best talent. Our passion in helping small businesses drives this relentless pursuit of innovation.

Our clients are some of the most vibrant organizations across the country and we are humbled by their description of PaymentEvolution as "Canada’s most loved" service for their business.