For Canadian small business using point of sale (POS) systems, POS2Payroll and PaymentEvolution now brings you integrated payroll with your existing systems.

Trusted by thousands of businesses, PaymentEvolution Payroll can now integrate with your point of sale system from vendors like Aloha, POSiTouch, Squirrel, Focus POS, PAR, Micros and Harbortouch. This bridge is made possible by POS2Payroll - a leading provider of point of sale to payroll bridging services.

"We recently launched POS2Payroll for PaymentEvolution to solve the problem of manual data re-entry for small businesses," says Andrew Hart, founder of POS2Payroll. "With PaymentEvolution, small businesses can unlock the value of their point of sales systems and truly integrate their employee payroll."

"We're pleased to be working with POS2Payroll on bridging point of sale systems to beautiful cloud payroll," says Sam Vassa, CEO and co-founder of PaymentEvolution. "POS2Payroll now allows business owners to focus on their business rather than manually retyping their employee time data."

POS2Payroll is an added software and service to point of sale systems that automatically unlocks employee time data and allows it to be used for payroll processing. Available immediately, businesses can integrate their point of sale system with payroll by visiting

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